Happy Memorial Day!

For anyone who has been wondering what has been going on around here, and why the site has not been touched in over two months, here's the answer:

First off, it's spring time now, that means yardwork alot, and typical fixing issues with the cars. Also my job doesn't leave me much time anymore. But here's some good news for you guys. I have procured a new domain to add to the bellyzone, it's simply belly.zone. I will be completely making a new version of this site, fully in wordpress and very intereactive. So until that is all ready just keep checking back in here for any news on it. I am planning on incorporating the media guide into that new site as well. Which has also lots to do with why that hasn't been updated also. There is also plenty of new content which is being regularly uploaded to this site by the resident mormphers so don't forget to check out what they do.


It's been awhile since I posted any news on here about anything. I want to keep everyone in the loop on what's been going on lately.

The new media guide was taking off well. I was getting alot done for awhile, given my limited amount of free time..

Then youtube videos started the flagging thing, and one got removed and I got a strike. I spent a couple days thinking about a better direction to go whil still giving everyone free belly scenes and picture galleries from the movies. I did decide to just go with downloadable content instead of streaming from youtube.

Why not just stream them yourself you might ask. Well here's why. My server package can't handle it. It would take either a dedicated server or a virtual server to do that wich would run about $200 a month. that's simply out of the question because this site and the guide simply does not generate any revenue what so ever.

Creating the extra links, and uploading to the server all takes extra time compared to simply copying a youtube addy. Also I need to grab a still from the clip to use as a visible download link, less boring than a 'Click Here' text link. Also for making a gallery I need to also grab stills from the clip.

So all in all it takes longer now to create one movie page. I spent about a week trying to find a decent plugin that could handle the job for my, but my server, wich is shared hosting, has boundries on what upload sizes wordpres is allowed to use, and I can go in and change that. So I guess it's the 'More Work' route for me. That is about all I cna figure out for the time being.

Over the next couple months you will eventually see a new link on the main site here for the media guide as it will be it's own 'New' site. It will be as it is now, eventually I will be adding more ways for the users to interact with it, and eachother. Perhaps even it's own forum dedicated to movies, tv shows, etc... with pregnancy, belly expansion, and other belly related scenes.

I hope to get more conent up at the guide by the end of the week, and then I will start resume regular updating on it. Be sure to check the link at the top for 'Recent Additions' to view anything new.

And Happy St. Patricks Day to all!

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