Ok things ae back on track now! I have been working again on the guide and added necessary links to sections here at this site. Thinga are much easier to udate, and that means actual updates will be more frequent, and for those who are wondering: Yes, that does mean the guide itself will be getting updates again.

So expect this site to look different very soon. The guide will be the new TBZ. Although many features I wanted to add will not be ther initially, there will be some hope for adding them in the future.

Big Site News


It's been quite some time since i posted anything new on this site. Over the last several months between workin gon the yard, the house, and a regular crappy full time job, I havent had much free time. I was designing and building a new belly site over at belly.zone. I now however am taking the ideas and design from over there and am bringing it all over to this site, keeping it all regular TBZ (thebellyzone.com).

What this means is much quicker and more often updates for me as well as other site contributers. The basic layout should look the same, or at least close to it does now, the belly guide will be tied directly into this site, and a full site login for members.

This does mean that at some point the forums will be replaced by a whole new forum system. Which does mean that people will have to re-register and all thier old posts will be gone (in theory, I may be ablw to save everything).

Another new idea I had for it was since the site main page will be wordpress (blog) based is now having regular belly elated news on the front page. With more than just me being able to post. I will ask for people to do certain types of news and post it up whene ever they come across it (ex. One person that will keep up to date on pregnant celebs, one person keeping up to date on belly expansion, one person keeping us up to date on pregnancy in movies, etc...)

Keep an eye out for some changes taking place this weekend!

Be sure to head over to youtube and check out this lovely belly inflater, Annie Williams. She does actually belly inflation, as well as using balloons.
Check out her Youtube page: Annie Williams

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